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You can learn to take control of your own state of mind,
and you can actually deal with your anger.


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How Does it Work?

Anger is a normal human emotion that we all experience. The problem is when we can't handle the overwhelming feelings of anger, so we either lash out in aggression, or we suppress anger inwards. The 8 week Mindfulness Approach Anger Management program helps you develop the strength of mind to face your anger, so you can actually deal with it.

During the 8 weeks of the program you’ll work with three types of processes:


Mindfulness Practice
Extensive research shows that mindfulness is a highly effective anger management tool. Anger comes primarily from an undeveloped ability to stay present with uncomfortable feelings. At the slightest inconvenience, irritation, or hint of offence, we tighten up and are triggered to anger. It's natural and healthy to want to avoid feeling uncomfortable, but when the tendency is too strong we develop anger management problems.

Mindfulness works by training you in the "skills of staying." By practicing mindfulness over an eight week period you become more and more able to stay present with whatever life presents, including irritations and uncomfortable edges. Then when your boss is disrespectful or your spouse is blaming you, rather than demolishing the situation with anger, you have the composure to respond with confidence and clarity.


Anger Management
The program gyides you through a series of processes to help you undo the patterns keeping you stuck in anger. Each week you'll complete a new task, such as keeping an anger journal, learning to recognize 'pre-anger signals,' and re-framing anger thoughts and beliefs. These processes develop and build over the eight weeks, ensuring that your work is intelligent and effective.


Life Integration
As you learn to move beyond habitual anger, your success is furthered by re-learning healthy ways of responding to life. Work in the program is done to move beyond the negative, but you'll also spend time actively cultivating and strengthening the positive. This includes exercises on basic life enjoyment, relating with other people, and a process to explore your life goals.

These processes are integrated into a dynamic and yet easy to follow program, giving you a set of tools and a roadmap to achieve real and lasting change with your anger management issues.

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The Program Includes:

Mindfulness Recordings

Anger Management RecordingsSix, 20 minute mindfulness practices in audio MP-3 format, to help you get to the very root causes of anger

Anger Coaching

anger coachingA sixty minute telephone or skype session, to support you in your work with the program

Weekly Readings

Anger Management ReadingsWeekly readings, to help you better understand the dynamics of anger and how to free yourself from its grip

Workshop Modules

Anger Management ModulesEight workshop modules, which are 60 minute in-depth anger deconstruction processes


Anger Management FieldworkSpecially designed in the field anger management processes that integrate everything you're learning into your day to day life, so you will actually change

The time commitment is reasonable: 4 or 5 days per week for 30 to 40 minutes per day, plus a 1 hour workshop module each week.


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Get started today. Download the full eight week program for only $249.00.